THE BOOK Publication March 2021


This book began as the Glossary for Air Crashes and Miracle Landings, but on expanding the book to cover some 85 incidents there was insufficient space. Furthermore, our research was throwing up so many intriguing and even little‑known facts that we decided to produce something much more compelling.

On the one hand it is intended to be a handy reference tool that every journalist dealing with aviation and military affairs should have! On the other, simply perusing it should prove revelatory and stimulating. In either case, it provides enough information for a proper understanding of the basics together with the keywords to search for more comprehensive material on the Internet.

American and European airliners are listed individually, while their military aircraft, if cited, are usually covered in the context of a topic. Russian, Chinese, Japanese, and Brazilian aircraft are listed under their respective countries.

Updates to Air Crashes and Miracle Landings are at the end. These include the 737 MAX crashes.